ACCENT MAINTENANCE LTD ® © We’d like to introduce you to Accent Removals - your friendly local company dealing with all aspects of  Removal Services. Emergency call outs are no problem – we are available seven days a week!   REMOVAL SERVICES We offer Removals for our clients. Please contact us for quote. Our local move includes loading and unloading, fuel, tools, mileage, wrapping and packing, disassembly and re-assembly of furniture. 1. Planning your House Removal with you. We will visit your home to assess your home removal needs and survey your home. Our house removals   consultant will talk through the move process with you and arrive at a quotation without obligation. Each   step of the process will be explained and planned with you and our consultant will be happy to answer any   questions that you may have.  2. Packaging, Disassembling and Protecting your Belongings When our removals team arrives they will carefully consider every aspect of the removals process. Of upmost  importance is the due care and attention they will give your items and the protection and care of your home whilst  removals are in progress. Please rest assured that our teams are very experienced and your belongings are in good  hands. If necessary our teams are capable to disassemble your furniture in order to be moved.  3. Transport Your belongings will be transported carefully in one of our vehicles driven from our very experience drivers.   4. Delivery and Unpacking At your new home the removals team will unload, assemble and position your furniture exactly where you want it. Here at Accent Removals we  understand that moving into a new home is a special occasion and our team will ensure that you get set up and running quickly and efficiently.  Please give us a call or send us an email about any jobs you need doing or any projects you may wish to discuss. We take care of everything, and  remember the price we quote is the price you pay – no hidden charges here! Call us now on 01223 398923 or 07999 456349. REMOVALS YOU CAN TRUST! 01223 398923 07999 456349